Haber - Etkinlik Arşivi
MEDIT İslami Finans Konulu Etkinliğe Destek Verdi


in cooperation with
ISAR (Istanbul Foundation for Research and Education)and UTESAV (International Technologic Economic and Social Research Foundation)
 Supported by Istanbul Commerce University,Participation Banks Association of Turkey, and Alliance ofCivilizations Institute of Fatih Sultan MehmetVakifUniversity

19thSeptember – 22ndSeptember 2011, ISTANBUL


19th September 2011, Monday

  10.00Registration and Coffee
  10.30Opening Remarks
  11.00 Break 
  11.30 An Introduction to Islamic Moral Economy
     Dr Mehmet Asutay, Director, Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance, Durham University, UK
  13.00  Break and Lunch
  14.30  Islamic Financing Instruments 
     Professor Rodney Wilson, Professor of Islamic Finance, Durham University, UK
  16.00  Break
  16.30 The Continuing Global Economic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Finance
     Iqbal Khan, CEO, Fajr Capital; London, UK
  18.00 End of the Day
  18.30 Bosphorous Tour - Istanbul

20th September 2011, Tuesday

  09.30Islamic Asset Management
    DrNatalie Schoon, Head of Product Research, Bank of London and the Middle East, London, UK
  11.00  Break
  11.30  Innovation and Financial Engineering in Islamic Finance I
    Dr Humayon Dar, Chairman, President & CEO, Edbiz Consulting Ltd., London, UK
  13.00  Break and Lunch
  14.30Development of Interest-Free Banking and Capital Markets in Turkey,
    Mustafa Büyükabacı, Birler Investment Ltd, Ex-board member of Family Finance House, Founder of Tac Investment Trust and Bizim Securities, Istanbul, Turkey
  16.00 Break
  16.30Shari’ah Screening Systems
     Dr Shehab Marzban, Ideal Ratings Co., Cairo, Egypt
  18.00 End of the Day
  19.00 Dinner and Whirling Dervishes

21th  September 2011, Wednesday

   Murat Çetinkaya, DeputyGeneral Manager ofKuveyt Turk, Istanbul, Turkey
  11.00 Break
  11.30  Islamic Capital Markets
    Iqbal Asaria, Afkar Consultancy, London, UK
  13.00 Break and Lunch
  14.30 Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions
    Farrukh Raza, Managing Director, IFAAS (Islamic Finance Advisory & Assurance Services), UK
  16.00 Break
  16.30  Takaful and Re-Takaful
   Abdurrahman Al-Tolefat, former CEO, Allianz Takaful, Bahrain
  18.00 End of the Day
  19.00 Dinner

22nd September 2011, Thursday

  09.30   Product Development in Islamic Banks
    ProfessorHabib Ahmed, Sharjah Professor of Islamic Finance and Law, Durham University, UK
  11.00  Break
  11.30   The Risk Exposure of Asset & Liability Management in Islamic Financial Institutions
    Majdi Chaabouni, Founder and President of Amanah Consulting, Paris, UK
  13.00 Break and Lunch
  14.30Risk Sharing and Islamic Finance: Implications on Financial Stability
     Mahmoud Mohieldin, Managing Director, World Bank, USA
  16.00  Closure of the Programme & Certificates